School Information


DeKalb Middle Schools mission is wiring students to learn, achieve, and succeed.  DeKalb Middle School is accredited as a middle school by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Tennessee State Department of Education.


DeKalb Middle School exists to serve the children of DeKalb County and to make society better for all.  We believe that all children can learn.  In response to its mission, DeKalb Middle School will maintain a strong curriculum and high standards of capabilities and talents. The administration and staff of DeKalb Middle School believe that the most important thing we can do for our students is to help them develop a positive self-concept.  Every student will be recognized as a unique individual.  Since learning is an individual matter, the learner will be helped to assume responsibility for his or her learning.  All students are capable of intellectual growth.  Along with the teaching of basic skills, emphasis will be placed on helping students develop personal values, social attitudes, and group behaviors.  By being a guiding influence, the teacher will try to help each child find his or her place in this changing society through exploration, discovery, creativity, and self-discipline.  Fundamental to this philosophy is a rapport between students and their peers; students and staff; faculty and co-workers; and the school and community.


The faculty and staff of DeKalb Middle School believe that:

    1. A child's education is the shared responsibility of parents, teachers, community, and students.
    2. We believe that all students should have the right to a safe and secure learning environment.
    3. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
    4. All children have the right to learn, to succeed, and to become productive citizens based on their abilities.
    5. Positive attitude and self-respect are the foundation of a well-balanced education.
    6. Students learn best when given appropriate opportunities for success.

The Mission Statement and Statements of Belief of DeKalb Middle School are closely aligned with the mission and goals of the DeKalb County School System.  Please visit DeKalb Middle School on-line at