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Parent Family Involvement Plan

Microsoft Word - DeKalb Middle School.doc

DeKalb Middle School Parent Family Involvement Plan


Meetings will be held annually. These meetings will be held at different times of the day in order to accommodate working schedules of parents. Legal requirements and information about the Title I program will be discussed. Minutes, agendas, and sign-in sheets of meetings will be kept on file within the school.

Parents will be surveyed to get information, which will be used, in the development of specific programs and policies. Parents will be asked to take part in the ongoing development of the Title I program, the parental involvement policies, and the schoolwide program.

Parents of participating children will receive timely information about Title I/NCLB through the Title I Coordinator, parent/teacher conferences, teacher/school notes, and report cards.

The school and parents will jointly develop an acceptable school compact that meets the requirements of Title I/NCLB. This compact will be updated with parental input and distributed on an annual basis. The compact will describe the responsibilities of the school, the parents, and the students. Moreover, the compact will address the importance of communication among the stakeholders as well as ways to enhance student achievement and the importance of regular school attendance.

Two parent teacher conferences will be held each year, fall and spring. Grade level meetings will also be held at the beginning of each school year. In addition to providing parents with information about their child's progress, Parent School Compacts will be distributed at this time. Reports to parents will also consist of mid nine week reports, classroom websites, documented phone calls, and individual student notes to/from parents.

Parents are encouraged to participate in school volunteer programs. Volunteer programs will be implemented by the school counselor/Character Education chairperson, and documentation will be maintained. Appropriate ways to contact DeKalb Middle School staff are stated in the school handbook. The school handbook is distributed annually to each child with documentation from the parent that the handbook has been reviewed.

Parents will be given the opportunity to request regular meetings. They will also be provided materials as well as training opportunities geared to improving their child's achievement. Materials and training opportunities will be provided at the time of parent involvement sessions, PTO meetings, the annual parent meeting, grade level meetings, and upon parent request.

Helping parents understand state curriculum standards and assessments will strengthen parental involvement. TCAP scores will be distributed, and explanations will be provided through parent involvement sessions with emphasis upon academic achievement, state standards, state curriculum, and state assessments. In addition, information pertaining to the above at local levels will also be provided including how to improve their child's achievement levels. At staff meetings information pertaining to the value of parent involvement and how parents can contribute to their child's education will be discussed and distributed.

Parents will be provided opportunities to participate in and information regarding the following programs: Head Start, parenting classes/workshops, Adult Basic Education, DeKalb Co Health Department initiatives, and other community organizations. This information will be distributed at the annual parent meeting, PTO meetings, newsletters, and other parent meetings as appropriate.